Welcome to Campbell Facilitation

Campbell Facilitation helps organisations promote social change by developing clearer strategy and more effective leadership. Established by Will Campbell, and working in partnership with other consultants, the company aims to help non-governmental organisations (NGOs) address a number of challenges:

  1. BulletThere is increasing pressure for accountability: both from donors and from the people they serve.

  2. BulletThe rapidly changing environment calls on NGOs to be agile, flexible and innovative.

  3. BulletThe pressure to achieve more with less requires organisations to work more effectively in partnership with others.

  4. BulletNGOs need to continue to professionalise, while remaining true to their distinct values.

  5. BulletSenior managers need to promote effective and appropriate organisational cultures, lead change and take tough decisions.

  6. BulletIt is increasingly important for leadership teams to engage employees in working together to achieve change and social justice.

Facilitating Strategy and Leadership for Social Change

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“As a result [of Will’s work] we are a more focused, analytical and effective senior team.”

“Will helped us achieve a level of employee engagement which we had not believed possible.”

“I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Will to other agencies and will definitely work with him again in the future.”

“Will is perhaps the most skilled facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of seeing at work.”