Facilitating Strategy and Leadership for Social Change


Whether your challenge is around people, culture or impact, I can help your organisation to:

  1. BulletBuild and implement strategies that achieve impact on the ground.

  2. BulletFoster organisational cultures that reflect strategic priorities and organisational values.

  3. BulletDevelop leadership teams that are focused on strategic priorities, work effectively and hold themselves accountable for performance.

  4. BulletBuild consistent leadership practices throughout international and multi-cultural organisations.

  5. BulletDesign and implement learning programmes that challenge existing practice and lead to tangible results.

I am passionately committed to helping improve the performance of social justice organisations. I adopt a facilitative approach: I see my purpose as enabling you to make better decisions, to apply better judgement and to practise effective leadership.

To that end, my approach typically involves:

  1. BulletWorking with you to identify as clearly as possible your challenges, the outcomes you seek from my help, and how those outcomes will be measured.

  2. BulletDesigning a process that most effectively and efficiently meets your needs.

  3. BulletFacilitating interventions that draw on a ‘toolbox’ of models, tools and experiences.

  4. BulletChallenging your current thinking and approaches.

  5. BulletCoaching you to identify how best to put new thinking and approaches into practice.