Facilitating Strategy and Leadership for Social Change


        “I have had the privilege of working with Will Campbell in a number of settings including extensively during my time at Amnesty International.  He is perhaps the most skilled facilitator I have ever had the pleasure of seeing at work.  And I have seen him at work with a range of NGOs.  From this I know that he is exceptionally skilled at understanding - and clarifying quickly and with genuine empathy - what a client needs, even where this is different from what initially a client wants.  

“Will is able to win the confidence and good humor of diverse audiences so that they gladly take his guidance on the most challenging of tasks.  He manages conflicting demands with deftness, astutely identifying constructive and rewarding pathways forward for organizations when they are feeling stuck or are finding change difficult to manage.  He quite simply is tried, tested and truly a great asset to any international or other NGO seeking the types of support that he is offering through Campbell Facilitation.”

Kate Gilmore

former Executive Deputy Secretary General,

Amnesty International

“Will has an excellent understanding of the challenges facing INGOs and his approach supports senior managers to think creatively. He helped Womankind’s Senior Management Team develop a balanced scorecard, provided the team with tools and approaches to help us think more strategically and work more effectively as a group. As a result we are a more focused, analytical and effective team. Will was supportive, engaging, and fun, but he wouldn't let us get away with glib answers and he made us focus and make the tough decisions - which was exactly what we needed! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Will to other agencies and will definitely work with him again in the future.”

Sue Turrell

former Executive Director


       “I had the privilege of working with Will Campbell when part of the leadership team of  a London based, global NGO-on strategy work.  When I became chief executive of an American NGO in need of strategic planning, I called on Will.  He is by far the best strategy facilitator I’ve ever worked with.  He always has the client’s needs foremost.   Will is great at facilitating the voices of strong minded people into common goals, bringing us to a win-win place.  Beyond his exceptional skills at facilitation and conflict resolution, he is a great analyst, supportive, humorous, and energizing.  Will’s skills have twice taken my organizations beyond strategic planning theory to practice and implementation, in part by utilizing balanced scorecard methods.   Should I require further strategy facilitation, Will is the first person I would call on.”

Allan Kornberg

former Executive Director

Farm Sanctuary

“This workshop exceeded my anticipation, especially in terms of practical application of tools and ideas presented.  I am certain this will have an impact on our work and our collaboration provided the enthusiastic feedback from the participants and the application of ideas.”

Chris Bessey

Country Representative

Catholic Relief Services

        “Will worked with us at Sightsavers in taking our balanced scorecard work and making it live in the organisation.   He ran a whole series of workshops in our country offices, working closely with us, and helped us achieve a level of employee engagement which we had not believed possible.”   

Caroline Harper


Sightsavers International

       “We engaged Will Campbell to work with us on the design, development and delivery of our Country Director’s Training Programme. Our brief was initially fairly open, but his knowledge  of the subject and our sector combined with the ability to come back and ask pertinent questions helped us crystallize our thinking. Will is a natural and highly skilled facilitator. He provides real and meaningful insights from a array of experiences and his direct and professional style adds to the dynamics of the group. I would have no hesitation  in recommending him.”

Karen Coleman

Head of Learning and Development


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